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Top Oral Health Tips for the Festive Season

It’s not quite Christmas time but it’s close enough to start planning for the festivities. Food is an essential ingredient to any Christmas celebration and that means a lot of sweetened products, like wine, mince pies, a selection of biscuits, many varieties of sweets and boxes of chocolates, as well as sticky, sweetened Christmas cake and pudding. It may be fantastic to look forward to, but not so for your teeth.

If you stick to 3 meals a day without any snacking or consuming of soft drinks you are probably doing a reasonable job of caring for your oral health as long as you brush and floss the recommended twice a day. So hard to do this over the Christmas season with work colleagues bringing in festive snacks to share and the constant demand of your time to go and after work drinks in the pub.

Five Tips to minimising teeth damage in the festive season

  1. Be aware of dangerously sweet products like mince pies, Christmas pudding and cake.

These Christmas treats have high sugar contents and are notorious for getting stuck on your teeth and in between your teeth. If you have a passion for these products brush your teeth and rinse out your mouth afterwards.

  1. Keep to your oral health routine.

The festive season doesn’t take up every moment of the day, so it’s not too much to pick up your toothbrush, squirt on a small amount of toothpaste and brush your teeth every time you visit. You may not have a passion for implementing this but your teeth do. They hate having all that sticky, sugary goo stuck to them 24/7 which so often happens in the festive season.

  1. Say hello to cheese!

Cheese might be fattening but of course it’s not if it’s eaten in moderation. It has life giving properties to your teeth such as restoring your mouth’s normal acid balance which helps to minimise your chance of getting tooth decay. In a moment of guilt and concern for the health of your teeth, and for that matter your family’s, get out the cheeseboard and pass it around.

  1. Don’t show off but use a bottle opener

Some people in a rush to open a bottle of beer which normally requires a bottle opener try to use their teeth instead. This could go drastically wrong and you may end up with broken and chipped teeth when engaging in this sort of task.

  1. Moderation

As long as you take everything in moderation over the festive season and remember it’s not just what you eat but how often you eat that does the most damage to your teeth you should be able to enjoy the festive season more than you have ever done before and your teeth will be happy too.

Once the season is over your Malmin dentist will be pleased to see you to check for any damage you may have done in the most enjoyable time of the year.

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