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Tips and Tricks for Giving up Sugar

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that many people simply don’t know what products do contain sugar and so consume products that they think are healthy. There are certain changes that can be made to your diet that can help to lower your sugar intake.

  1. Give up fruit juice and dried fruit

It might surprise you but a cup of apple juice has as much sugar in it as the same amount of Coke, which totals on average 12 teaspoons! Also, dried fruit is 70% sugar. If an apple is eaten whole it still contains fibre and water, but once these are both removed what remains is a pile of sugar. Eating berries and kiwi fruit are the least damaging of fruit products.

  1. Choose full-fat dairy products

Sometimes it`s just a little too time consuming to check the ingredients of everything we buy but some yogurts are made up of up to  6  teaspoons of sugar in  just a single serving. This is because the fat is taking out and replaced with sugar. The same happens to mayonnaise so you should always select whole-egg varieties and full-fat yogurt to avoid excessive amounts of sugar.

  1. Go for more fat and healthier protein!

The sorts of fat aren’t those used in frying, but products like cheese, eggs, butter and skinless chicken. At a restaurant, choose cheese and not a sweet pudding. At breakfast, eat eggs, not muesli.

  1. Keep off sauces

It might be an amazing fact to know but barbeque sauce has similar levels of sugar as a chocolate topping at around 50%. Tomato sauce has similar amounts of sugar. Mustard is a far better choice, as is whole egg mayonnaise.

  1. Eat simple food

Just plain old meat and vegetable is the way to go and is the simplest way of avoiding those hidden sugars. At a pub or restaurant choose steak and vegetables in olive oil, not sugar packed Thai curry. The less the ingredients listed on a supermarket product, the better the food choice it is.

  1. Read health product labels first

Don`t assume healthier food is found in your local health food shop as many products contain sweeteners like palm sugar, agave, honey and coconut sugar. These are not healthier choices at all.

  1. Give yourself 8 weeks

Research has revealed that 60 days is the minimum for reversing a sugar habit. Sugar consumption is a difficult habit to give up and to be clear of it and remove it from your system is not an overnight affair.  Allowing two months for the body to adjust is the norm removing any addiction that may have taken you over. Your body will only demand sugar if it really needs it. Your teeth will be the first to be rewarded if you decide to seriously limit your sugar intake and your dentist will be full of praise at your next dental appointment.

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