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Things You Need To Know About Invisalign Teen

Most teenagers are very aware of their appearance and lose confidence easily when they are afraid to open their mouth and show off a mouth full of wires and crooked teeth. Unfortunately, the teen years are often a time when teeth do need to be straightened before they become fixed in position, causing longer term problems with poor bite, let alone a less than perfect smile. That’s why your teenager will love Invisalign Teen. It’s the teenage version of the better known clear aligners that are almost invisible yet help to move teeth to where they should be. That’s just what teenagers want, as well as a dazzling smile which Invisalign Teen will help to provide!

It’s never too early for your teen to seek orthodontic treatment

Teenagers may be shy about their crooked teeth, but there are many good reasons why you should encourage your teen to seek orthodontic treatment; the sooner their teeth are better aligned, the more confident they will be when they open their mouths and the less risk there is of problems that crooked teeth can bring later in life. Here at Malmin Orthodontics, we will assess your teen’s teeth and suggest the options available including the benefits of fitting Invisalign Teen aligners.

Why Invisalign Teen is such a good choice

There are several reasons why Invisalign teen may be the best option for your teen. The most obvious one is that it will definitely help to straighten your teen’s teeth. This helps whenever the teen opens and closes their mouth, as the two sets of teeth will align themselves better, correct crowding and any other issue related to imperfectly aligned teeth. It also means that your teen’s teeth just look so much more perfect whenever he / she opens their mouth!

Invisalign can hardly be seen, especially when compared to traditional braces. Unless the teeth are particularly badly aligned, Invisalign will do the job, although results are not instant. They are clear aligners that can and should be removed for a few hours every day. They should be removed, for instance, whenever your teen brushes or flosses their teeth or when they eat. They can be taken out when the teen does any physical activity like sport, too. That can be really important for an active, healthy teen.

Advantages of using Invisalign

Invisalign Teen also has some other advantages. It can be easily be cleaned and can be replaced easily, too. Using Invisalign reduces the risk of tooth decay compared to traditional wire braces as there are fewer places where food and bacteria can become trapped.

Make an appointment for your teen with Malmin Orthodontics for an assessment

Invisalign retainers may need to be replaced from time to time anyway depending on how fast the improvement in teeth alignment is progressing. Everything you and your teen need to know about Invisalign can be explained when your teen comes for a visit to Malmin Orthodontics to be assessed. When the aligners are fitted, their care and attention will be explained, together with discussing a schedule to be followed to keep an eye on what is happening with those precious teeth.

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