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Straight Talking Teeth – The Benefits of Straighter Teeth

Treating crooked and misaligned teeth is an age old technique known as orthodontics, but researchers have learned that there are some quite amazing health benefits from having straight teeth. It’s not just about appearance and self-esteem as there is a lot more to straight teeth than that.

Straight teeth look nice and they provide more confidence

Healthier gums result from straighter teeth because when there are gaps present between your teeth because they are set too far apart it can cause irritations to the gums. They may also become red and inflamed. Straightening the teeth helps the gums to fit better around your teeth. This helps to prevent periodontal problems.

Straight teeth are simpler to clean

When your teeth are crooked and misaligned they position themselves all over the place and often show off a crowded appearance in your mouth. They are far more difficult to clean well so plaque will inevitably begin to accumulate which if left unchecked could result in early tooth decay. The straighter they are the easier they are to brush and floss.

 Straight teeth prevent unwanted tooth wear

When the teeth are crooked they don’t come together evenly when chewing is taking place. This can result in unnecessary wearing down of the enamel.

Straight teeth means less headaches

Trying to talk, smile, eat and chew when your teeth are crooked exerts unwanted stress on both the surrounding bones and gums which support your teeth. This can lead to jaw misalignment, which can cause unnecessary headaches, facial pain and even neck pain.

Straight teeth means improvements in overall health

If teeth stay in a crooked position gum disease and decay are far more likely to take place which inevitably can affect overall health if you don’t have the ability to eat what’s good for you.

Straight teeth means stronger teeth

When biting and chewing a fair amount of force is required to do a good job. If the teeth don’t fit together well excessive wear takes place on certain parts of the teeth. This in the end could lead to weakening of parts of the teeth that could lead to chipped and even broken teeth. This is neither attractive nor healthy.

Straight teeth stop jaw trouble

Poorly fitting teeth puts undue stress on the jaw and when the temporomandibular joints which are the hinged joints that link up your jaw to your head close to your ears are disrupted by the strain caused by misaligned or crooked teeth, you may end up with uncomfortable side effects like jaw pain, dizzy spells, earache, ringing ears, and chronic headaches. Anyone who has to struggling with jaw pain and chronic headaches may discover that when the misalignment is treated these unwelcome problems all but disappear.

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