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Start your Invisalign journey: You will never look back

Invisalign is a cutting edge treatment used to help correct crooked or misaligned teeth and today it is considered to be the most advanced of the clear aligners available. It has built up a favourable reputation for its resounding success as over 4 million people have used Invisalign clear aligners to reduce the impact of crooked teeth.

Why you should choose Invisalign?

What makes Invisalign different from other types of braces treatment is that it works 50% faster. Also, the aligner doesn’t remain in your mouth throughout the whole treatment time, but is replaced every 2 weeks as your teeth get closer to the most desirable position.

The material that Invisalign aligners are made from is called SmartTrack® and SmartForce® and the results of their use show they are the best materials for ensuring the most effective movement of your teeth. Overall, Invisalign aligners made from SmartTrack products are far more comfortable, fit better and are much easier to put on and remove.

Special Invisalign features for teenagers

Invisalign clear aligners made for teens have indicators fitted that are able to fade from blue to clear which helps to assess wear time. Once they have worn down to a certain point they need to be replaced with a new set.

How your Invisalign treatment is planned

Your dentist may use a scanner, which creates fast, exact 3D digital images of the teeth. There are a few dentists which will carry out physical impressions. Once this has been done your Malmin Dentist will be able to tell precisely how your teeth are likely to move and how long the treatment will need to be.

The SmartTrack® material used for the invisalign aligners is practically invisible so it’s unlikely anyone will notice that you are wearing them. You will be told by your dentist to make sure you keep them in place for at least 20-22 hours each day. You can of course remove them for brief spells such as for eating and cleaning.

Following your progress

Depending on how your teeth respond to the aligners you may be asked by your dentist to wear a new set every two weeks. You will be able to monitor your progress when you remove your aligners briefly for eating and cleaning. You will start to see your new smile penetrate through and after about 12 months you will be glad you opted for Invisalign when you see the results.

Maintaining the Invisalign smile

Once your Invisalign treatment is finally over you can’t completely relax as in order to keep your teeth where you want them and that Invisalign smile firmly on your face you will be expected to wear a retainer. Ask your Malmin Orthodontist to recommend a retainer suitable for you. They are custom-made while using the same technology which is used for the Invisalign clear aligner. Alternatively we can fit  discreet fit retainer to the back of your teeth.

Invisalign® treatment for crooked teeth is the most advanced system available in the world, with millions of satisfied customers so you can’t go wrong if you ask your orthodontist if they are suitable for you.


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