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Five teeth saving sugar swaps

5 Teeth Saving Sugar Swaps

Obesity, tooth loss and overall health are increasingly becoming a concern as patients fill hospital beds and queue up for dental checks due to the outcomes of poor diet and poor food choices. Much of the focus has been on the marketing of health damaging products like sugary soft drinks. It has been reported that one can of soft drink is packed with 12 teaspoons of sugar, while the suggested daily recommendation is 3 teaspoons per day. There are many other sugar packed drinks consumed daily apart from soft drinks and that includes wine and beer. However, if your oral and general health is your concern you can make good choices about what you eat and drink. These are starting to take off with the name “sugar swaps”.

  1. Sugar swap – from caramel macchiato to green tea

Coffee has in recent years become a bit of a craze. This is not plain coffee with a dash of milk but often syrup added to a large coffee as well as creamy toppings. One such coffee combination is called caramel macchiato which well exceeds the maximum daily sugar requirements for your body. Try cutting back on this product and substitute just a plain latte or even green tea which is just perfect for your teeth and overall health.

  1. Sugar swap- from raspberry caipirinha to a martini

All cocktails contain sugar. On average a raspberry caipirinha has 20g of sugar but if you choose a martini it contains 3g of sugar. This sugar swap will save you 13g of sugar.

  1. Sugar swap – from cola to fruit and soda water

Cola with all its brand names has become a bit of an icon and because it’s so well-known it’s an easy choice to select, whether in a supermarket, a restaurant or a bar. However, think hard before making this choice as it contains no less than 35g of sugar which is a whopping 12 cubes of sugar. Try buying a bottle of sugar free soda water and adding a squeeze of orange, lemon or even a couple of strawberries and you end up with a tasty drink containing less than 2 g of sugar with a sugar saving of 33 g.

  1. Sugar swap- flavoured water for coconut water

Don’t go into the supermarket and fall for buying a large bottle of flavoured water as it seems a good alternative to plain old water. Manufacturers know how to add 40g of sugar to something that at a glance looks like a healthy product. Sometimes it can be a bit of an effort to check the labels but instead of that choose coconut water instead. It does have some sugar but it does have healthy properties too such as high levels of minerals and antioxidants.

  1. Sugar swap- blended frozen coffee for an latte on ice

With so many coffee products around you may sometimes choose a blended frozen coffee but you may not realise that it contains more than 69g of sugar and that’s without the desirable whipped cream that people are enticed to add. If you go for an iced latte instead it only has 14 g of sugar. That’s a real life saver and tooth saver too.

Our dentists at Malmin Dental will be happy to help you make the best dietary choices for your teeth if you call us today to make an appointment.

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