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Crossbite correction and treatment options

What exactly is a crossbite you may be asking, as one of your family has just brought it up in conversation and now is considering treatment options?

What is a crossbite?

This is when your teeth on the bottom fail to meet correctly with those on the top. It can be due to the tooth being incorrectly positioned or the wrong position of the jaw.

How does a crossbite happen?

Sometimes a crossbite is simply hereditary while in other circumstances a child’s adult teeth may start to erupt or push their way through before the 1st teeth have naturally fallen out. This causes the adult teeth to emerge crooked as they try to find a space amongst the 1st teeth. In the end a whole set of teeth can become misaligned. This can cause pain as the victim tries to force the teeth into the correct position when eating, chewing and talking as this exerts pressure on the temporal mandibular joint and other muscles in the face.

The two types of crossbite are posterior and anterior

An anterior crossbite is like an underbite and takes place when you’re are biting down and your upper front teeth fit behind your lower front teeth which is not really that useful for successfully breaking down food. A posterior crossbite occurs when you bite down and the upper teeth fit inside the lower teeth just on one side.

Pain from crossbites

The longer you leave a crossbite untreated the more pain you will experience and from that other health issues like teeth loss, jaw grinding and the receding of the gumline may take place. Headaches can become chronic as additional stress is put on the jaw. If the condition is left too long without treatment the position of jaw and face may change for the worse. These problems are preventable when the correct treatment is given, especially when the person is still young.

Treatment options for crossbites

There are many options available for effectively treating a crossbite and an assessment of your situation will need to be undertaken by a Malmin Orthodontist before a customised treatment programme can be initiated.

The sorts of treatment possibilities include the following:

  • Braces
  • A maxillary expander
  • A removable expander.

In extreme circumstances surgery may be recommended as the best solution.

Your Malmin orthodontist may recommend using both an expander and braces. The expander works to help to create the right amount of gap between the teeth allowing the bite to be better aligned throughout the whole mouth. In the case of adults, occasionally a removable expander will be sufficient to do the job if it’s worn throughout the night only.

If you or a member of your family has a crossbite, the best thing to do is arrange an appointment with your local Malmin Orthodontics who will assess your crossbite and recommend the most suitable treatment option for you.

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