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Cosmetic Dentistry or Orthodontics? Which One Should You Choose? 

No-one needs to live with a smile they don’t like as there are so many treatment options available that offer a solution. If it’s just the colour of your teeth you are concerned about it’s not too difficult to get your teeth professionally whitened a few shades. If you have lost a tooth a virtually permanent dental implant can be bought and fixed into the gap.

For misshapen teeth, there is more choice, as you could just do a cover up job using veneers and by bonding material to a tooth to improve its appearance or you can go for braces treatment. You can also have material bonded to your teeth which allows your dentist to use the material to re-shape your teeth so they fit in with the rest of your teeth.

What you choose depends on the budget you have and what has been recommended to you. However, brace treatment offers a solid, trustworthy treatment that can change the appearance of your teeth positively forever.

The benefits of brace treatment

Brace treatment is long-lasting, once the treatment has been completed. This differs from cosmetic dental treatments like veneers that in order to be of any use a portion of your tooth to be treated needs to be removed first. This makes it easier to fit the veneers but what has been removed can never be replaced. After a period of time they may become detached meaning further treatment may be required. This is where braces treatment wins out hands down as no part of the tooth needs to be removed to straighten or improve the appearance of the teeth.

It not only improves your facial appearance but the way your teeth join together when you bite down. This brings a far better eating experience and once your teeth are straight they will remain healthier for years to come as you will be able to clean between them more easily.

You need to wear a retainer to avoid further brace treatment

As long as you follow the advice of your orthodontist at Malmin Orthodontics and where your retainer you shouldn’t need any more braces treatment to your teeth after the initial braces treatment. A fitted retainer, which is a very thin wire can be fitted to the back of teeth to ensure that they stay in position and don’t rely on you to wear your retainer at night.

Brace treatment can be almost invisible

Some people may opt for cosmetic options to improve the appearance of their teeth because they think all braces are bulky and unsightly. This is not true today as braces come in a variety of colours, designs and uses and many are virtually invisible saving you the embarrassment of others knowing what you have in your mouth. These are known by their trade names like Invisalign clear aligners or Incognito lingual braces (fitted to the back of teeth)

You can whiten your teeth after braces treatment

If you aren’t happy with the colour of your teeth after your braces have been removed, don’t worry because you can get your teeth professionally whitened by your dentist. There are proven processes available that bring the white sparkle back to your smile.

If you have made the decision to improve the shape of your teeth forever, contact Malmin Orthodontics for an obligation free consultation.



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