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Common Orthodontic Emergencies

If you have braces fitted, from time to time something may happen to urge you to contact your orthodontist to arrange an appointment. However, not all problems necessarily mean you are in the midst of an orthodontic emergency.

What is an orthodontic emergency?

Brackets working loose

Sometimes brackets work themselves loose and feel uncomfortable, as do wires poking into sensitive areas in your mouth. These sorts of irritations can typically wait until you make an appointment at your orthodontist at the normal working time. You shouldn’t leave it too long as damaged braces which can’t be used correctly need to be fixed before an expensive repair is needed.

Soreness in the mouth

Pain in the mouth from your braces may well be considered as an emergency and needs to be dealt with quickly. However, there is a temporary solution to this. Get a warm mouthwash made up of salty water and rinse your mouth out with it. You can make this yourself by dissolving a single teaspoon of pure salt into an 8 ounce glass of warmed up water. If pain is still present after a short period you should arrange an appointment at your Malmin orthodontist.

After the fitting of your braces for the first time, you may experience, for a week or two, sensitivity in and around your cheeks, tongue and lips. You should have a kit that came with your braces that has some wax in it. You can use the wax on your braces which will improve this outcome.

A loose appliance

Sometimes a loose appliance may begin to poke into sensitive parts of your mouth. You can alleviate the problem by applying wax on that particular bothersome part. However, you will have to arrange an appointment to get the appliance repaired before you do any more damage.

Loose brackets and wires

If the band or bracket is still fixed to the wire, all you can do is apply wax. If it has completely detached itself you should retrieve all the parts and arrange an appointment at your Malmin orthodontist to get it repaired. If a wire has become loose you can attempt to put it back in place by yourself. It will need a proper repair as soon as possible by your orthodontist.

A wire poking out

This can be very irritating and probably painful. You could try and use a pencil rubber to ease the wire back into the right place. Putting wax on it helps to relieve the twinges of pain you might be feeling. It will need to be fixed properly as you aren’t expected to put up with indefinite discomfort while your teeth are moved out of their crooked position.

If you do experience any of the orthodontic emergencies mentioned above Malmin Orthodontics will have an immediate solution for you. It’s just a question of arranging an appointment as soon as possible so the short term irritation can be fixed in a timely manner.

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