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How to Clean Invisalign Aligners  

One of the advantages of using Invisalign aligners to re-align and straighten your teeth is that they can be removed when you see the need. This is a plus compared to some braces treatment which involves keeping the same braces in the mouth for months at a time. It not only allows you to have a look at what improvement the aligners are making to your teeth and your smile, but it also allows you to give them a good clean.  This is essential in order to keep the aligners smelling fresh and in good condition so that they can do the job they have been designed to do.

Process for cleaning Invisalign aligners

  1. Clean your Invisalign aligners twice daily

Overall, you wear Invisalign aligners for at least 20 hours on average daily. You should clean them twice a day, just like you do with your teeth. You must remember you need to keep your aligners in overnight but in the morning remove them for a few minutes while you floss and brush your teeth.  Once that routine is over you can use an unscented, antibacterial bar of soap to give your aligners a clean and brush with a soft bristled toothbrush. Once this has been done thoroughly rinse them in lukewarm water. You don’t want to scratch the aligners so don’t put any toothpaste on the brush and remember to set aside a dedicated toothbrush to clean your aligners.

  1. Soaking your aligners will do them a world of good

You don’t have to do this every day but if you want to keep your aligners squeaky clean soak them once a week using a specific cleaner recommended by your Malmin orthodontist. If you soak your aligners after following the instructions you will be giving your aligners a great favour. You must not use hot water as this could cause your precious aligners to lose their shape.

  1. Remove the aligners when drinking

Fortunately, because the aligners are changed approximately every 2 weeks, it doesn’t usually give them enough time to become stained. However, this doesn’t mean if you drink a glass of red wine they won’t accumulate some staining so to avoid this problem unless you are drinking just water remove them for the brief period you are drinking. You can give them a quick rinse before placing them back in your mouth.

  1. Use a protective case for storage purposes

If you are removing your aligners for an hour or two remember to have a suitably sized case to store them in. This will stop damage and keep them clean.

Choosing Invisalign aligners to straighten your teeth, improve your smile and provide you with the confidence you need to go about your daily life is a big commitment and your teeth deserve the best treatment you can give them.

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