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5 Gift Ideas to Give Your Dad a Smile on Father’s Day

Father’s Day will soon be on us. It is on Sunday June 15th. This is a time to show appreciation for your father. This is usually done by buying a useful gift that your father will cherish. Here are 5 great Father’s Day ideas that will give him a smile on Father’s day.

1. If your father is tech savvy and likes buying the latest gadgets then he will be very pleased with a new “smart” toothbrush. The well known toothbrush retailer Oral B is just about to release a new SmartSeries line. This is an electric toothbrush with Bluetooth ® technology which will allow 2-way communication with your dad’s smart phone. He can even get an app for either an Android or an iPhone.

While you are waiting for the toothbrush to arrive, your dad can make a start and download an app. for free, called BrushDJ. This is a fun and creative app. which will help your father keep on top of his dental health. It will tell him when the time is up for replacing a toothbrush. It also plays a sound track that lasts the duration of the recommended 2 minute brush and floss routine.

2. A second humorous Father’s Day gift idea is a toothy themed neck tie. Believe it or not, there is one available that has a tooth theme. Its patterns and styles will undoubtedly suit any dad. Also, on the decorative side is a set of dentist-themed cufflinks.

3. If you have already decided to purchase the Oral B toothbrush you can compliment it with an interesting and fun toothbrush holder. There is quite a variety available which will brighten up your dad’s bathroom.

4. Going camping has increased in popularity in recent years with people preferring to have a more personal experience with the environment. Your dad may like to don a backpack and go far away from a road just to get some privacy. This doesn’t mean he’s not going to encounter any dental problems as sometimes the unexpected does happen and the dentist may be miles away. To help him out a little giving him an emergency medical kit that contains everything that can deal with a dental emergency will give him peace of mind while far from civilisation.

5. Is your dad the type who from time to time likes to shut off from the world and all its irritating unnatural sounds? If he is, buying him a set of well insulated headphones may be just what he is looking for. Some of the headphones available are great for dental appointments as your dad can put them on in the dentist’s chair and he will be oblivious to all the sounds the dentist’s tools make. Just go online and there are many different types of headphones to choose from.

If you need any help with choosing the right dental themed Father’s Day gift, arrange an appointment with Malmin Dental where a suitable product can be suggested for you.

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