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4 Ways to Keep Kids’ Teeth Safe During Summer

Even though most kids love going to school, when the summer comes around they are looking forward to taking part in all sorts of adventures, a few of which of which you may not fully approve. They may want to go down to the pool or the beach for a swim or a dive or take part in contact sports. Whatever they choose and whatever you approve you will need to help them take care of their teeth.

Safety around the swimming pool

Most swimming pools have lifeguards, but they can’t always be looking out for every swimmer all the time. Accidents can happen and sometimes children fall and damage their teeth. These sorts of accidents can be avoided if you advise your child to be careful when walking around on slippery surfaces around the pool. Swimming a few lengths of the pool is a healthy activity but not taking care isn’t.


If your child regularly goes swimming in a public pool chemicals are added to the water to keep it clean which could cause discolouration of your child’s teeth. This is called swimmer’s calculus and the appearance of the teeth may become stained a yellowy brown colour. It’s unlikely that an hour or so in the pool each week will have any effect on the teeth but if swimming is one of your child’s favourite activities and he or she spends at least 6 hours a week playing and swimming in the pool you will need to take your child to the dentist more often than usual.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving has become a popular pursuit around the world and even children can take part in this adventurous activity.  However, sometimes teeth are affected by what is referred to as tooth squeeze where pain is felt in the middle of the tooth. This is due to air pressure changes and the diver biting on the regulator. This can be avoided if you ensure your child’s teeth are checked before diving takes place.

Contact sports and mouth guards

One of a parent’s greatest fears is one of their children getting injured in contact sports. Boys in particular like to play rough and tumble sports so that they can use up all that reserve energy. This is great and certainly far preferable to constantly playing electronic games. However, your child’s teeth must be protected as any slight fall could cause irreparable damage to your child’s teeth.

There is an easy solution to just about anything these days and for contact sports and dental care wearing a mouth guard is the best teeth protection solution. The sorts of sports that may benefit from mouth guard use are soccer, football, rugby, boxing, wrestling and hockey.

At your appointment at Malmin Orthodontics you can discuss mouth guard options for your sports minded child. Take your child with you so that he or she can get first hand advice on why a mouth guard is important as some children don’t think it is cool to wear them. It’s always better to get one custom made as it will fit better.

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