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3 Reasons Why Summer is the Best Time to Get Braces

What better time than the warmth of summer to make some important changes in your life, like getting your teeth back on track by finally choosing to start your braces treatment? Here are three good reasons why summer is a great time of year to get braces fitted.

  1. It’s far easier to plan an orthodontic appointment in summer

One of the main reasons why summer is such a good time is that appointments are far easier to get that will fit in with your daily routine. This is particularly the case if your child is to be the recipient of the braces treatment, as he or she will be on holiday with no school timetable or homework deadlines to worry about.

You can fit in your work schedule to match in with your child’s holiday programme. On a bright sunny summer’s day you can sit down with your teenager and encourage him or her to take the plunge and arrange an appointment at Malmin Orthodontics where a thorough examination will decide the best way to go to straighten those crooked or misaligned teeth.

  1. Summer is a good time to work out eating habits

The cheery bright days of summer are a good time for planning and reflection. If you or your child are about to embark on the braces journey you will need to figure out a balanced diet you can follow that won’t damage those braces. Hard foods, such as raw carrots and apples, will have to be softened in some way as they can push the wires out of place that are designed to move your teeth.

Soft foods are preferable as they don’t create soreness in the mouth and do not put pressure on your braces and the teeth underneath. If you like sticky food, such as toffees or hard crunchy biscuits like ginger nuts, this will be the time to break with that routine as these foods and similar ones should be avoided as they could knock your brackets about or cause loosening of the wires.

  1. You may need to consider a mouth guard for playing sports

Once your child is back at school he or she won’t be sitting on the sidelines watching while others are enjoying themselves. If the braces treatment is about to become a reality you should arrange to get a suitable mouth guard for your child to safeguard his or her teeth and mouth while the braces are in place.

Summer is a great time to do this as your child will be plotting and planning what sport he or she intends to play once the new school term begins. Not all sports require mouth guards. For instance netball and basketball players don’t usually worry about using a mouth guard but rugby and soccer players may think it is essential before going out on the field.  The mouth guard must fit perfectly otherwise if it feels out of place it will be a hindrance and may have an effect on your performance.

The most important thing is to arrange an important appointment at Malmin Orthodontics so that your child’s new braces have started their job and you have adjusted your life to suit the change. Our dentists can custom-design a well fitting mouth guard which can ensure all the work that the braces is doing is not lost if your child has an accident involving the mouth.

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